My Jaw Hurts

Relieve Pain and Get Your Life Back!

If you have pain in your jaw, you know how debilitating it can be – headaches, sore muscles, pain when you chew, difficulty opening your mouth, and other symptoms are just a part of the misery you may be experiencing! The most common cause of these conditions is temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. At Donaldson 3D Orthodontics, we offer treatments that are super-effective at eliminating TMD pain by not just treating the symptoms but also attacking the pain you’re having at its source: your jaw!

What Is TMD?

TMD is a problem with your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, which allows your jaw to open and close. If your bite is misaligned, if you grind your teeth, or if you have experienced trauma to your TMJ, you may experience the pain and discomfort described above.

There are plenty of ways to relieve the discomfort of TMD, but there are far fewer ways to provide lasting solutions to your pain and make you truly feel better. Dr. Buddy has been trained in a variety of methods to actually fix your problems, and is proud to offer the advanced TruDenta treatment at both of our offices!

What Will We Do To Help?

We approach TMD treatment from several different angles, but most important is an accurate and intensive exam designed to identify the true cause of your pain. Using TruDenta’s advanced diagnosis system, we’ll be able to pinpoint what’s causing your pain, whether it’s your bite, muscles, the way you chew, or any other oral cause. We’ll also examine your shoulder, neck, and facial muscles for any signs of stress or problems that may need treatment.

Once we’ve determined the root cause of your pain, we’ll develop a treatment plan that will not just treat your symptoms, but also truly resolve your pain. The TruDenta system emphasizes a holistic treatment approach that aims to correct all the parts of your jaw and muscle structure that are working together to cause your pain. By using a combination of oral appliances, orthodontics, and muscular treatments, we’ll be able to change your life!

  • If teeth grinding or clenching is part of your problem, we’ll craft you a nightguard to sleep in. This easy-to-wear appliance protects your teeth from the clenching and grinding motions that happen while you sleep, and help keep your muscles in a relaxed position so you wake up without pain!
  • For many patients the root cause of TMD is a misaligned bite. If you have bite problems, we’ll recommend an orthodontic sequence to bring your teeth into proper alignment. But don’t worry – we do braces faster , and you might not even need to wear metal ones !
  • We also work with your affected muscles to help them function correctly. Dr. Buddy is a firm believer that your muscles and teeth are equally responsible for the pain you experience due to TMD, and addresses both of them equally. In cases of extreme muscular pain, we may refer you to a physical or massage therapist.

Our approach to treating TMD boasts an amazing 95% success rate! If you’re suffering from pain in your jaw, headaches, loss of sleep, or any other symptoms of TMD, don’t hesitate to call our office today! You can reach both our New Iberia and Broussard offices by calling 337-465-4139. You can also schedule an appointment using our online form. We look forward to helping you live better!



Orthodontics does more than straighten your teeth! From better sleep, relieving jaw pain and better overall health – orthodontics can help!