Don’t Risk Your Teeth By Grinding And Clenching!

  • November 1, 2015

Have you ever woken up with a sore jaw? Or maybe you’re the kind of person who carries their stress in their facial muscles, spending anxious time unconsciously clenching their jaw. For many people suffering from grinding and clenching problems, also known as bruxism, the problem isn’t even one they are aware of!

At Donaldson 3D Orthodontics we’ve met a lot of patients who’ve shown signs and symptoms of bruxism and didn’t know there was even an issue! When we notice worn teeth or you come with a complaint of jaw, neck, or head pain it’s one of the first things we consider! We can treat bruxism with state-of-the-art technology and methods that will have you feeling better in no time!

Bruxism: The Risks

Teeth grinding and clenching isn’t something that becomes painful at first. Over time, however, your jaw, teeth, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can become irritated and worn, leaving you in pain and discomfort all the time! The TMJ is the joint that allows you to open and close your jaw and with continued problems can become chronically irritated and painful. This condition is called temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD.

The risks to your health from bruxism and TMD aren’t just chronic pain and discomfort! You may end up with damaged, fractured, or broken teeth, tooth loss, arthritis in your TMJ, difficulty chewing, and other joint and tooth related conditions! Because the symptoms associated with bruxism and TMD can take so long to become serious many patients end up with serious pain and long-lasting effects that could be treated at our New Iberia or Broussard dentist offices!

Finding Relief: We Can Help Fast!

Because there are multiple causes of bruxism and TMD a thorough analysis of your unique case is important! We use advanced 3D modeling technology to get the most accurate look possible at your teeth, jaw, and muscles so we can identify and treat not just your symptoms but the underlying cause as well!

We start with our 3D analysis but our diagnosis doesn’t end there! We also use TruDenta bite modeling to get an idea of where the forces are being distributed when you bite down or use your teeth. This helps us visualize any problems with your bite or jaw alignment that could be causing your pain.

Once we’ve determined why you’re experiencing discomfort we’ll start working on how to get rid of it! Depending on the cause we may suggest one or more treatment methods that we use to treat patients in similar circumstances to you.

  • TruDenta isn’t just a diagnosis system – it’s also a whole treatment series as well! Combining bite force analysis and 3D modeling with trigger point, ultrasound, and bone manipulation to relax your jaw into the proper position. This non-invasive, non-drug therapy has an amazing 95 percent success rate! Our patients have found that it relieves migraines, jaw pain, and muscle discomfort associated with bruxism and TMD!
  • If you are bruxing at night while asleep or during the day without realizing it the best course of action is using oral appliances to protect your teeth. Because unconscious movement is causing your pain it can be hard making you feel better unless we cushion your jaw! We can craft you a custom-fit soft nightguard that can be worn while you sleep or during the day. It’s comfortable, low-profile, and will help you live without the pain you’ve become used to!
  • For patients with tooth alignment issues we find it most effective to treat them using orthodontic procedures. If your bite isn’t properly distributing forces you can find yourself in a lot of pain that we can fix with treatments like Invisalign and other orthodontic care! Our 3D orthodontic treatments mean you can get a proper bite in less time than you ever thought possible. Even our traditional braces take less time due to accurate modeling and treatment predictions!

Don’t Live With Pain!

Bruxism can be the beginning of a lot of pain and discomfort. We have the treatments you need to protect your teeth, muscles, bone structure, and help you live pain-free! Don’t wait another minute when our New Iberia or Broussard teams can bring you relief fast!

If you’re ready to start living pain-free then call Donaldson 3D Orthodontics today! You can reach both of our locations by calling 337-465-4139 or by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Orthodontics does more than straighten your teeth! From better sleep, relieving jaw pain and better overall health – orthodontics can help!