DIY Braces? Not So Fast!

  • September 15, 2015

Wait – that can’t be right, can it? DIY braces? There’s no way someone would actually try that! It’s an actual trend and it’s been going on around the world! This dangerous attempt at perfecting smiles is causing serious health effects that could completely ruin the smile of you or someone you live!

At Donaldson 3D Orthodontics we strive to provide you with the most advanced orthodontic care available. That means giving you access to techniques and technologies that go further to ensure orthodontic treatment that’s efficient, safe, and incredibly effective. We don’t want any of our patients to suffer from the harms of DIY orthodontics!

What Kinds Of Things Are People Trying?

There are two main methods of DIY orthodontics that have started to become common: gap bands and full DIY braces kits. Gap bands are the most common method of DIY braces since they require little to no extra supplies to get results.

Gap bands are exactly what they sound like: bands placed around the teeth to close gaps. They are generally created using small rubber bands, strong plastic string, or other thin, strong material that can go between teeth and either be tied tightly or use elastic to close gaps. The idea behind gap bands is that they can work fast with little to no cost, but there are numerous hidden dangers!

The other method that is being tried is full sets of DIY brackets and wires! In some parts of the world, most commonly in east asian countries, people are turning to full sets of braces that they purchase online. They do the whole treatment themselves and often end up with serious side effects and damage to their oral health!

So, What’s The Risk?

Orthodontic treatment is complicated. It requires several years of full time training after getting a DMD or DDS degree to fully understand how the forces that safely move teeth are applied. There are a number of risks when it comes to braces and other orthodontic treatments that require professional care to do safely!

The most common problem with gap bands is that they want to be in a position of least resistance and there isn’t anything holding them in place! Many patients who have tried using rubber bands or ties on their teeth have ended up with bands sliding up and under the gums! When this happens serious harm can come to your teeth, gums, and bone structure!

Patients who need surgery to remove gap bands often end up losing their front teeth and much of the bone that supported them. This leads to years of costly reconstructive surgery that could have been avoided with professional orthodontic care at our New Iberia or Broussard orthodontist offices!

Full DIY braces sets have a whole other host of problems. Have you ever tried putting up a tent? Think about the forces and pressure that’s required to hold a tent properly in place. It has to be done right or else you end up with a tent that falls over, pulls out of the ground, or just doesn’t look right! DIY braces have the same problems – there’s no way to know without a full understanding of a patient’s mouth just how to apply forces the right way!

Patients who’ve tried full DIY braces sets have ended up with fractured teeth, teeth that have pulled out from the bone and gums, and even complete, irreparable tooth loss!

The Professional Orthodontic Advantage

Planning a full orthodontic sequence involves a lot of X-rays, 3D imaging, and other advanced techniques to create the optimal treatment plan. Your gums, teeth, and bones have a lot of tissue, blood vessels, and veins that have to all be considered when planning treatment!

We use i-CAT FLX, iTero, and Lythos imaging technology to get the most accurate possible picture of your mouth. We use that technology to expertly plan the forces and hardware needed to move your teeth into the perfect position in less time than ever possible before! Our 3D orthodontic treatments are fast, safe, and incredibly effective. Not like taking your oral health into your own hands!

Don’t Risk It!

Professional orthodontic care is necessary to move teeth safely. Never try to correct your smile without proper planning and professional care! Call Donaldson 3D Orthodontics today to schedule a consultation! You can reach both our New Iberia and Broussard offices by calling 337-465-4139 or by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to perfecting you or someone you love’s smile!



Orthodontics does more than straighten your teeth! From better sleep, relieving jaw pain and better overall health – orthodontics can help!